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“I was very ignorant of the Pacific part of World War II before reading this novel. John’s descriptions brought it to light for me. There were times I thought I could be reading non fiction…that’s how realistic the narrative was. He also wove a story of what seemed like real characters into the book. I truly enjoyed the read and was crying near the end…always a sign I’ve felt immersed in a book.”

“I have just finished reading Kurofune, a novel that kept me captivated from beginning to end. The blending of powerful WWII action, with its historical basis, and an endearing love story provides the reader with a source of continuing interest. The author’s strong descriptive ability and character development are hallmarks of this book. One hopes he will write another.”

“A wonderful journey of a read that educates and entertains you through a conflict, as well as the lives and families of men and women fighting through a deadly war, from the perspective of both sides. Recommended!”

“John Morrison’s recent novel “Kurofune The Black Ships” is a superb first effort.”

“Kurofune: The Black Ships is a well balanced, descriptive novel depicting both the lives of a young US marine and a family from Saipan brought together during the war in the Pacific. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this first novel by John Morrison and hope there will be more to come! ”

“Wow! What a great book. There are not that many authors that can put you right there with the characters as their stories unfold. This author has achieved that and more. You don’t just read this book you feel it. This book should be made into a movie so more people can get a better understanding of both sides of that horrible conflict, or better yet , read the book”.

“Just finished reading “Kurofune – The Black Ships” a novel of World War 11 written by John Morrison. I found it very educational as I knew nothing about the Pacific War, or even where Saipan was located. The author has gone into great detail to keep this history as accurate as possible, yet still opening up their stories, for both sides, Japanese and Americans. How life changes with war, yet still trying to find the good in people, making some sense of it all and carry on. There is the loss of friends, hope for a better day, and of course a little romance. Totally enjoyed the book, and learned a lot about that era.”

“GREAT BOOK, John. I couldn’t put it down. Loved the way you wove in the military, historical and personal aspects of this very important part of WW II. Your descriptions of the battle from a marines prospectus really made me appreciate the sacrifices these young men made. Also really enjoyed the way you interwove the personal stories of the family on Saipan and Ted Culp, showing the huge and lasting consequence of War on people’s lives. Well done, a must read and I can see a movie coming out of this. Marijke would have been very proud.”

“The epic story of American gallantry and victory over the brave, but totally fanatical Japanese military is well organized and researched. The cast of characters from the main protagonist Pte Ted Culp, to Pte Airie (Boo Hoo), and Pte Niles (the Reverend) are true comrades-in-arms soldiers. This particular story of the US Marines who literally fought their way through hell, in the numerous campaigns of the South Pacific, is well worth telling again. Focusing on how just one Marine, Pte Culp, left his small American town to answer his country’s call to Arms. John’s novel is a joy to read and is reminiscent of the millions of young men and women who also sacrificed their lives and health for the freedom we enjoy today! At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them. SEMPER FIDELIS.”

“Just finished reading Kurofune, it starts off slowly as you have to get the backstory in order to understand the events leading up to the war. Not many people realize that Japan was given a lot of Germany’s colonial holdings in the Pacific for helping defeat them in the first World War. I learned a lot of history while enjoying a good war story and it places you back among the people who lived in the 1940s, their outlook, their beliefs, their limited worldview (compared to ours today) and the events that unfolded from both sides but primarily from the US.

It doesn’t try to explain the grand strategy but concentrates on how it affected families on both sides of the conflict. It also points out how young men from a non militaristic background (young US Marines) had to adapt to being thrown into serious combat against an enemy who had already been fighting for years. If the High Command in Tokyo hadn’t made so many mistakes things might have turned out differently.

Most of our information on World War II concentrates on the events in Europe while the Pacific front was, in many ways, much broader. This is a worthwhile book to read and I highly recommend it.”

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Monks orchard

“I have just finished reading this novel by John Morrison. Like his other books, this was an impressive and enjoyable read. In this book, the author chooses a theme so different from his first novel. This alone is impressive ;that he can range to themes so vastly different. His character development is again strong and the great amount of historical research that he has done is evident. Using a narrator to span the generations is an interesting and effective literary device. Let us hope that Mr.Morrison has more equally interesting novels in store for us.”

“I liked Mr Morrison’s use of a narrator to explain the context of the historical context of the story. I enjoyed this well written book about a family struggling with their religious beliefs during the Reformation.”

“Riveting! An amazing historical novel accurate and riveting. The author is captivating in his descriptions of the brutality and harshness of the time.”

“I enjoyed it immensely and had a hard time putting it down.”

“Monk’s Orchard does well what good historical novels do; it places the reader back in time to allow us to live and see events which are often today unimaginable. As a secular member of the modern western world I could previously only wonder at the religious strife of the past, and sometimes still in other parts of the world. Monk’s Orchard provides a human perspective on the causes and effects of the conflict which raged during and after the 100 years’ war in Europe. At first blush the book may appear anti-Catholic then evolve to anti-religious. It is neither; it merely comments on the role of mankind in propagating and suffering through such conflict. This is a good speculative read for the historian and good entertainment. I am looking forward to the next work”.

“Have just completed reading Monk’s ORCHARD. Found your book very interesting especially into the many facets of the Protestant reformation. The description of being hanged, drawn, and quartered indeed sent shivers down my spine! Surely these executioners of England could hold their own with their rivals in the Spanish Inquisition? The whole period is certainly a blood thirsty lesson to us all about the dangers of religious fanaticism. This New Jerusalem, is in many ways a harbinger of the new religion of “Climate Change.” With it high priests & priestess’s seeking to save us all from the evils of carbon over-indulgence. Pray that their fanatical crusade doesn’t result in an economic disaster for the Western Alliance and a victory for the Chinese-Russian Pact. Your accounts of the sea battles between the British and Spanish Navies are superb. The point you made about Switzerland being a major influence in the Reformation was particularly interesting. Considering the fact that they were completely surrounded on all borders by catholic countries did not seem to deter their revolutionary zeal. Your research and scholarly insight into this historical period is par excellence.”

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“Outstanding: John Morrison has done it again! Another spellbinding narrative of love, life, and humanity. Mr. Morrison’s descriptive verse makes you feel like your right there heaving in the waves or basking in the tropical breezes. His ability to make you feel the pain and anguish of his characters puts you right there with them. I couldn’t put it down!! An excellent read!!”

“Great Read: John Morrison is a terrific writer. He tells a compelling and interesting story. Thoroughly enjoyed this book.”           

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