Excerpt From Red Jewel

Sailing in Hawaii

Aft er about thirty minutes we could hear a light whooshing, rumbling, splashing sound ahead of us. We looked at one another without making a sound. Could this be the sound of a Hawaiian legend: of Pele looking out for her lover? Who knows? But in an instant the landscape ahead of us opened up to this large, wonderful vista.

The Huleia Stream transformed itself into a cascading freefall over a cliff that was just to the left of our pathway. Not a very big cliff, mind you, but big enough to form a beautiful waterfall.

“Whoopee!” Nina screamed then ran ahead of me, like a child…down, down she went to a flat area of shale at the bottom of the cliff . I followed suit but my cautious nature had me treading gingerly down the path. It was slippery after all. It didn’t matter to Nina. At the bottom, with the waterfall to our left , was a large pool that captured the cascade above us. Th e water was an emerald green color but graced with a bluish turquoise hue. A rainbow, a perpetual beautiful rainbow, with all of the colors, hung magically and perpendicularly across the face of the falls, forming a perfect arc across the mist. Behind the sheen and veil, you could make out the smooth, brownish grey rock face, the backbone of the hill that formed the cliff and the underbelly of the waterfall itself. Nina screamed with delight. She stripped down, naked to me, on some flat smooth rock that framed the east side of the pool.

“Oh Jimmy” she exclaimed “this is so wonderful, so magical, mystical, whoa–wee. I am so happy, so excited here. This is a gift , a gift to us from the Hawaiian gods Jimmy.” Her eyes lit up and sparkled. “Oh, to my God Jimmy…a gift to share with us.” And with that she dove off of the rocks and into the pool. Her tanned bottom shimmering, refractively under the clear water was the last thing I saw. She surfaced a few yards out with her beautiful back to me. She turned toward me, and screamed…a happy, happy excitable and playful scream. Nina smiled such a broad smile. At this very moment in time, to me, she was perfect. And she was with me — thank you Lord for thinking about me.

I stripped as fast as I could, hobbling on one leg in my excitement to get my runners off . A short run later and off I went, into this magical pool of enchantment with a girl that I was beginning to fall for. A cannonball for heaven’s sake. I had a juvenile mind I must admit. Th e water was so fresh and clean especially after our salt water bath. Surfacing, I swam over to Nina but stayed a respectable distance away. Shyness was drowning me.

I just stayed there in one place treading water and watching her. Scared, but in a good way. Nervous? You bet I was. Nina disappeared below the water and then rose breaking the surface behind me. She wrapped her arms around my neck, turned me ever so gently toward her and then held me close, face to face, smiling at me. Her deep blue eyes drew me in to her as if I was caught in a barb and being reeled into a net. I had no control. The water around her, the waterfall, the rainbow colors, the mist, the mountains around us and the outflow of the cool refreshing water of the Huleia were nature’s aphrodisiac. I was trapped, nervous with anticipation and helpless all the same but willing and able. Nina drew me close to her. I could smell her sweet warm breath on my face. Closer and closer and closer to her I came. Suddenly her broad, almost comical smile and mischievous expression disappeared. She closed her eyes and drew me to her mouth: her arms and hands firmly placed behind my neck. We kissed — a long sweet embrace. I could feel the warmth of her breath and her nudeness all around me — envelop me, even with the cool ambient temperature of the pool. This was indeed paradise. If heaven is even close to this…

“Th is is our heaven Jimmy,” she whispered to me. “Never forget this place of ours.”

She broke off , looked at me affectionately. We kissed again and again and again. I couldn’t get enough. Our naked bodies were synergistically joined. Her warmth stoked my body’s heat. I was happy, and excited and extremely happy. Nina likes me. I thought. I think I love her.

All at once Nina said:

“We have to go Jimmy. It will be dark soon. Dusk in the tropics does not last long.””