Red Jewel: Ted’s Letter To Jim

Sailing in Hawaii

He collected his papers and Nigel’s and placed them into a side pocket inside of his duffel bag. He found the sextant on the chart table and discovered that it was still in good operating condition. He decided to take that as well. Nothing else though. The publications and manuals were of no use to him now. He looked around. Anything else? That was it. But there was something else. “Yes. A letter,” he thought. A letter that Ted had written to him and had asked him not to open or to read until he had reached Saipan.
“Cripes Ted. I almost forgot about that. But where did I put it?”

He rifled through some of the pockets of his shorts that he remembered
wearing in Hawaii. It was not there. “Where damn it, where did I put it? Oh shit, I almost forgot.” He opened the small panel that contained books that he and Nigel kept for their own personal use. It was secured to the port bulkhead just aft of the shitter…or head in mariner’s parlance. Two books were of note to Jim: Hawaii and Tales of the South Pacific. There, in the jacket of Hawaii, was the letter from Ted. He grabbed it, sat down on the starboard settee, which had been his berth and began to read.