Red Jewel: A Colleague’s Memory


Just thought I would drop a quick note John to let you know I finished reading your book Red Jewel. I enjoyed it very much and am impressed with your writing skills. Not sure where you learned to do that during our stint in the navy. I found it quite nostalgic in a way as I have either been to or sailed by many of those places you mention in the book. I also remember you and I with the sailboat (Shark) we bought. That is mostly where I learned what I know about sailing, but I found it amazing how much came back to me as I read your book. Hope you write another one soon. When you do, I will come back for lunch again and pick up another copy with another personal anecdote from you inside it. Cheers – A sailor’s mate.

Author: A lot of memories tied to that post. Red Jewel was fun to write as it brought back so many memories of my pre-Navy days on the water.


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