I'm John Morrison

I’m a retired Naval Officer who’s passion is writing books.

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"Easy to read. Wonderful story of sacrifice, love and heroics."

A Novel of World War II

Akira Mizutani, his wife Mariko and their 9-year old son Shoichi loved Saipan. But Akira was fearful that Japan’s vision of South East Asian expansion and Micronesian control in the 1930s and 40s was madness and would have dire consequences for the safety of his family and the people of his small island.

Ted Culp of Bremerton Washington wanted to be a Marine more than anything else. The unprovoked Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour had set a fire in his soul. He was eager to go! Yet he was torn between his sense of duty to serve his country and his faith.

He ultimately decides to leave Bremerton and the love of his life for the killing beaches and jungles of the central Pacific atolls and islands. Unbeknownst to Ted and Akira, this Pacific War would bring them together in a way that they could never have imagined. Their lives would never be the same again.


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"This is a good speculative read for the historian and good entertainment."

A story of survival, of retribution and of revenge.

Monk’s Orchard is a story of survival, of retribution and of revenge. It is also a story of faith in which men and women of strong spiritual conviction find themselves caught up in a time of extreme religious intolerance. 

The harsh reality of living and surviving in 16th and 17th century Protestant Reformation England and Europe comes to light in Monk’s Orchard where being on the right or wrong side of the religious debate often meant the difference between life and death itself. This becomes evident by the experiences of the Stillwell family as they live through the political turmoil and social upheaval caused by the religious fanaticism of the Reformation period. Through them the challenges of John Calvin and the genesis of his protestant ministry in Geneva Switzerland come to light. The Spanish Armada, the Puritan exile, the plight of English kings and queens of this period, and rebellion and civil war are also predominant elements in this account of spiritual and societal awakening.

Through all of the chaos of the times, the Stillwell family estate of Monk’s Orchard remains a constant thread: a thread that weaves itself in and out of the fibre of this God-fearing family in a world that has seemingly gone completely out of control.

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"A thoroughly enjoyable read."


Follow the sometimes irreverent, hilarious account of my formative, pre-navy years growing up during the 1950’s and 60’s in a parochial, highly conservative, and Catholic religious environment.

“I Thought I’d Died and Gone to Heaven” is John Morrison’s second book and quite the departure from his first Kurofune: The Black Ships, nevertheless, I Thought I’d Died and Gone to Heaven is a very entertaining read and at times thought provoking.

It is “naval gazing” at its humorous best.

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" I enjoyed this well written book ."

a voyage to the limits of human endurance...

Jim Turnbull is a twenty two year old Canadian with no sailing experience. Nigel Filtness is a thirty three year old British national who is a brilliant navigator and sailor with years of experience behind him.  

Nigel, based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, is hired by Jim’s brother-in-law Sadao Katagiri to help him fulfill his dream of sailing his boat, christened Red Jewel, from Vancouver to Nagoya, Japan, his homeland. During the first leg of their journey to Hawaii, it becomes apparent that Sadao suffers from chronic seasickness and has to give up on his dream in Honolulu, their first port of call. Rather than abandon Nigel and Red Jewel in Hawaii, Sadao asks Jim to accompany Nigel as his crew and help him deliver Red Jewel to Japan. Jim jumps at this chance for adventure and agrees to go. 

Jim’s arrival at the Ala Wai Marina and his initial encounter with Nigel are not without problems. Jim cannot understand Nigel’s coldness toward him nor his verbal slurs. Nigel’s intolerance and impatience with respect to Jim’s lack of nautical acumen is acute. Their relationship quickly becomes toxic. Nevertheless Jim is determined to make a go of things in spite of Nigel’s acidic personality and is enthusiastic and eager to do his part for a successful outcome. Indubitably, the unlikely partnership on this journey, coupled with the inherent dangers with open ocean sailing, will have significant consequences for both of them.

The vast central Pacific Ocean forms the backdrop to this story. However, Hawaiian folklore, an international sailing community, characters, rogues, tragedy, triumph, as well as various other locales, are all facets of this narrative. Red Jewel  is a story that sailors and non sailors alike will enjoy equally.

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